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Free Widgets

click to call widget Click-To-Call Widget

Add a click-to-call button on your website and blogs and allow visitors to contact you on your cell phone instantly. Choose from different button styles.

Visitors will be taken to a call form requesting them to enter their name and phone number and you will receive an instant text informing you of the call and where it came from.

Callers will be presented with your profile page while they are waiting for a call back. Your profile page can be customized by you with articles, links to your website, about me section and more.

All calls made from your click-to-call widget will be saved in your members area for later reference

Google map widgetMap Widget

Create an interactive map widget that will pin point all your listings onto a Google map.

Customize the size of your map.

Choose to display your contact information and a list of property addresses.

Clicking on a target or address will display a small window with a thumbnail photo and property information.

Each properties window will have a link to the properties full color flyer (listing web page).

local area real estate widgetLocal Area Widgets

Create local area widgets and use them in your real estate listing pages, real estate website or any other website or blog where localized information is used.

- Choose from 7 different color themes

- Create as many area specific widgets as you want.

- Create widgets based on city/state or zip code.

- Control what local information (links) you want displayed in your widget.

- Choose to display all area information blocks (community, recreation, entertainment, etc.) or select just the ones you want.

listing widgetListing Widget

Create a custom listing widget with all your listings on it and paste it into your website and blogs.

Your widget will display your contact information and "other listings" that will take the visitor to all of your other listings.

Multiple layouts and colors to choose from to better fit the blogs and directories you post it to.

Easily paste your widget into blogs, forums and directories.

virtual tour widgetVirtual Tour Widget

Would you like to display a mini-virtual tour of your listing on your website or blog?

Create virtual tours quick and easy by uploading up to 25 photos.

Choose transistion affects and taglines for each image.

Each virtual tour you create will come with a mini virtual tour widget you can add to your web pages and blogs.

All virtual tours include a branded and un-branded version.

Email Signature Widget

Create colorful, classy signature widgets for your email. Easily customize the colors, layout and size of your email signature widget. Choose to display your logo, photo, contact information and links. Add it to popular email software clients such as Outlook and Gmail and each email you send out will automatically have your email widget attached to the footer of your email.

Loan Calculator Widget

Get your very own loan calculator that you can paste into your website, blogs and directories. You can fully customize the colors of your calculator. Allows buyers to easily calculate mortgage payments, auto payments and other loan payments from your blogs, website and listing widgets all from your nifty, customized calculator.

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