Stryker 1088 3-Chip Video Endoscopy camera, 300 Watt Stryker X7000 lightsource

This is a complete system fully HD and Ready to use in surgery

Price: $3500

Perfect Stryker 1088HD Camera System. Comes complete with:

1. 1088HD Console
2. 1088HD Camera Head
3. 1088 optical coupler.
4. Stryker X7000 300W Xenon light source (W/ New Bulb)
5. Manuals and power cords.

Stryker 1088 digital 3CCD endoscopy camera with HD quality The most widely used endoscopy camera on the market

The most powerful image clarity, durability, and user friendliness of any operating room camera on the market. This dynamo is a workhorse with the technology to guarantee your satisfaction for years into the future. This one camera will last you a decade or more. The problem with most surgical, operating room, or exam room video systems is planned obsolescence by the manufacturers. Then the new sometimes repackaged models make you believe that your system is now inferior.

In most cases it is, but the reason why it is has more to do with the electronics in the device than the functionality and image quality. Very fast processing capabilities have made HD and digital processing a standard. All of the new equipment manufacturers i.e. Stryker, Karl Storz, Olympus, Richard Wolfe, ACMI, and Dyonics are now using HD technology in their CCU consoles. Does this mean that all of the analog to digital camera systems are obsolete? Does this mean that the value of this equipment is near worthless? Or is there something missing that the manufacturer is not telling us?

So what's the answer? Should we all just run out and purchase the newest technology? I think that you'll find there is a happy medium between utilizing older technologies in a way that makes it function like new. There are several ways in which you can convert analog technology into HD technology. The use of a simple up converter will produce up to 1080P which is the gold standard in HD. These up converters or line Triplerís and line quadruples synthetically produce an artificial line that is added in between the interlaced image. This makes the image appear to be fuller by filling in the interlaced gaps with synthesized images. The Stryker 1088 digital 3 CCD camera has a digital output of over 900 lines per square inch, which equates to around 780P. As you've already been able to piece together the higher the number before the letter P. generally means that you will get a crisper, cleaner, more precise image. There is one big caveat if you do not utilize compatible monitors that will synchronize with the output of the CCU then your investment in HD technology is wasted. You hear that a lot on cable TV advertisements touting that having a new HD television is pointless without HD programming. The point is that the image output on the Stryker 1088 is difficult to differentiate from Stryker's newer models. You can essentially produce nearly the same quality of image when synchronized properly to an HD monitor.

You will find the following benefits of Stryker 1088 ownership

1. Crystal-clear image quality.

2. User friendly, rugged, aesthetically pleasing.

3. Analog and digital outputs.

4. 220 V or 110 V power rating for international usage. 5. 900 lines of resolution or 780P for HD quality images.

6. Ability to send, share, and edit images on most digital devices.

7. Networking capable via USB and Ethernet outputs.

The abilities of the Stryker 988 are as powerful as the newer models. Until you see dramatic improvements in monitor refresh rates, pixelization, or quantum leaps in visualization technology, your time tested Stryker 1088 camera will accomplish everything you need far into the future.

Stryker 1088 Console: How long will this technology last before it is obsolete?

The answer to that question has more to do with support than it does with the technology becoming obsolete. Now that there are more independent repair facilities with the capabilities of repairing this equipment obsolescence is less of a factor than it has ever been in the past. Therefore this technology will still be viable in the next 10 years.

Can I use this equipment where 220 V is prevalent?

Yes. The standard rating is 110 V and 220 V.::

Can I use this camera with my laptop computer?

Yes. Since this camera has a digital output many digital capture devices including laptop computers can be used to record and document.

What about used cameras?

The only problem that I see with buying a used camera is the fact that they lack warrantee and repair guarantees. When you purchase a refurbished Stryker 1088 three chip digital camera you are essentially purchasing it in like new condition. A complete and micro-technical inspection has been done on each and every CCU console, camera, and coupler.

This is what you get...

State of the art optics

TRU digital imaging which means editing is a breeze 900 lines of resolution for a crystal clear image Specialty setting allow subtle changes by procedure type Longest lasting toughest most rugged camera on the market.

Complete set of digital outputs which are compatible with all of the newest visualization technology.

Longevity of the electronic components

The technology within the console of this camera was ahead of its time when it was built. You will be able to use this camera easily for the next five years and probably ten. This means:

Rugged durability

This camera is a workhorse in the operating room, doctors office setting, surgery center environment, and even at the track for those veterinarians who want to take the lead in to superior visualization.

This camera was designed to stand up to the harshest conditions and as a result is incredibly durable.

This camera was designed to stand up to the harshest conditions and as a result is incredibly durable.

Aesthetically pleasing:

This camera in any setting has a professional appeal and an aesthetic quality that makes you feel proud as the owner of this equipment and it will make your patients feel confident in your abilities. Extreme value When you compare the cost of the Stryker 1188 HD camera which retails for over $35,000 you will quickly see the value in ownership of the Stryker 1088.
  • Stryker 1088 Full HD 3-Chip Camera System
  • Stryker 300 watt X7000 light source
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