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ebay store landing pages - ebay store web pages

When you use to advertise your eBay store, every item in your store will be placed in it's own web page.

Why is this important?
On eBay, your store items are in direct competition with others selling similar items. When your items have their own landing pages, you gain additional exposure in search engines and outside of the hot competition on eBay. Many buyers look for items using a direct search from Google and other search engines, instead of going to eBay.

This is where the magic of your single item web page comes in. When buyers look for items using search engines or other directories, they use titles and descriptions of the item to try and find it. Your eBay store item web pages will have exactly that - the item title and description! This will make it easy for buyers to find your store items from a search engine. Once they land on your item's webpage, they will be routed back to your eBay store so they can purchase the item.

Another added benefit from your item landing pages is they will help your eBay store rank higher in Google. Each of your item's web pages provide a unique web address that is pointing back to your store on These links act as a "vote" for your store and help to establish it's presence on Google. Having your eBay store rank highly in Google is priceless! 

eBay Store Features   Advertise Your eBay Store Now 

Features of Your eBay Store Item Landing Pages

  • > Professional, appealing web page design.
  • > Optimized page titles taken directly from your own wording of the item.
  • > Item description which allows buyers to get the information they need.
  • > A picture of the item as displayed in your eBay store.
  • > Links back to your eBay store and the direct location of the item to make it easy for buyers to purchase.
  • > Your store logo and contact information.
  • > You'll watch the traffic soar in from landing pages that rank in the top of search engines.


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