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Auto Listing Templates for eBay

Choose from over 50 pre-designed eBay Auto listing templates.

eBay Auto Listing TemplateseBay is a great place to sell automotive vehicles, but it can also be very competitive. An eye-popping online auto listing flyer is the perfect way to make your cars, trucks, boats and RV's stand out on eBay.

Auto listing templates come in a wide variety of options which enable eBay automotive sellers to list their land and water vehicles for sale in an attractive and professional manner. Choose from an assortment of colors, styles and themes.

eBay auto sellers can paste the template directly into the description area of the listing to create a truly unique and eye-catching automotive listing.

See all eBay auto templates.

Not Just an Auto Listing Template

When you use one of our auto templates, you get much more than just an eBay listing flyer.

Your eBay auto listings are also automatically posted to a host of online classified directories, such as GoogleBase, Oodle, Vast, and more, giving your eBay auto listings extra online exposure.

Each auto listing template also includes several photo uploads. Since eBay charges for each additional photo, you can save money by uploading photos to your listing templates - no need to pay extra fees!

All of this extra promotion is included in the price of the eBay auto templates! Single auto templates start at just $5.99.


More Traffic for Your eBay Store

ebay Search Engine AdvertisingWhen you use our eBay auto templates, you also get another benefit - Search Engine Ranking. With each of your auto listings posted to online directories and search engines outside of eBay, your eBay store will receive incoming traffic from these listings. This will help your eBay store rank better in Google and other search engines, which amounts to more traffic and auto sales for you! 

Search engine ranking is another benefit that is included in the price of your eBay auto listing template!


How do you create an eBay auto listing template?

  • Set Up an account for free.
  • Choose your template style.
  • Fill in eBay item details and upload photos.
  • Copy your auto listing template into the description of your listing on eBay.

That's it - We do all of the outside advertising and posting for you! In a few simple steps, you will have an attractive, eye-popping auto listing on eBay, and listed all over the internet. Best wishes for your eBay selling success!

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