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eBay Auction Template Guide

If you purchased an eBay Auction Templates from our eBay store, here are some simple instructions on how to use your template. You may also choose to subscribe to one of our plans or submit your feed, which will enable you to create templates for several listings at once. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

#1: Select the "Premier Ad Posting" option
Once you've completed the auction template creation process, choose the "Premier Ad Posting" option, then click "Next Step".

#2: Use the funds in your wallet to proceed.
Since you already paid via PaPal, your wallet has enough to cover the cost of the template. Just click the button to use the funds in your wallet.


#3: Get your eBay posting html code.
Your flyer template has now been completed and will be automatically posted to several online directories. Be sure to follow these necessary steps to post to eBay.

a) Click the "Post to Backpage, Craigslist, and Others" link.

b) Click on the "eBay" link.

c) Copy the html code to paste into eBay.

d) Paste the html for your eBay auction template into the Description area of your listing on eBay.


That's it! Your eBay listing is now on eBay and several other online directories. If you have further questions, you may contact us at anytime.


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