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Click To Call

This feature will allow subscribed members to have a call icon appear on your flyers which will allow potential clients to reach you in real time. The client simply needs to click on the icon and enter their phone number. This will automatically send a phone message to you informing you of a request for call back.
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Click To Call Demo

1. Vistor clicks the call button on your flyer

Click to call - step 1


2. Visitor is taken to a call form to input their name and phone number.
On that same page will be your full profile, about me section and other flyers. This is a great way to give yourself additional exposure

click to call page


3. You will be sent an instant text message with the visitors call back information.
While the visitor is waiting for your call back they can browse around your profile page, read your about me section and view your other flyers.

click to call text message 



  • Connect with buyers in real time.
  • No more back and forth via e-mail
  • Makes it easy for buyers to contact you
  • Provides you with additional exposure by presenting buyers with your full profile and other flyers on the same page as the click to call form.
  • The immediate response time will give you an edge against your competitors and allow clients the no-hassle access they’re looking for.
  • Allows you to see which flyer the potential buyer called from.
  • All click to call data is saved in your members account for your use at a later time.