Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Print Media Decline in 2009 Makes Online Classifieds Even More Essential

Online advertising and promotion has never been more important. With reports showing record sales declines in newspapers and magazines, entire websites dedicated to the "death watch", and fewer people than ever using print media as their main source for information, it is essential to have a presence online.

ClassifiedFlyerAds has been providing online advertising and promotion for years now, acknowledging the impact that it has for small businesses and professionals. With the Google phenomenon taking over the web, more and more people search online for products and services every day; and rightly so. The web provides easy avenues for finding just what is needed, with niche directories and tailored search results returning valuable resources and information.

Syndicating automatically to over 30 online directories, providing powerful Google search results, and helping professionals create an effective online presence, ClassifiedFlyerAds is a valuable tool for any professional in 2009. We look forward to helping you soon.

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