Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Flyer Features

Have you noticed? We’ve been adding more good stuff to our real estate flyers to help you capture more leads.

We’ve really stepped up the Features section of flyers by adding Census and City Data, Neighborhood Places and Services powered by Google Maps, and a link to places within walking distance of the property for sale – all to help potential customers get the information they need when searching for a home.

Take a look at a flyer from Travis, our May member of the month, for a great example of all the new features in action.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Get Smart About Tracking

Sure, you create your flyer, make it pretty and then post it. But do you ever go back and check to see who’s seen it? You should! Marketing 101 teaches us that we need to know who our target audience is and where our leads are coming from.

With our Open Tracking service, available to all subscribed members, you can see the following:

  • Where those who click on your flyer come from
  • How many clicks you've received from which sites and even the full URL
  • Call and email history

We even recently upgraded the service so you can now see all the information in a more visually appealing layout with easy-to-read, full color graphs and charts.

Got questions? Let us know.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What’s Hot on CFA?

Every now and again we like to take a look at what services and products are currently posted on ClassifiedFlyerAds.com. If you take a close look, there’s some pretty interesting stuff.

Here’s a sampling of what you can buy on CFA right now:
Stained glass - $15
Custom handmade wood gates (pretty amazing!)
Swarovski Crystal Earrings - $5
Black GUCCI Abbey Medium Shoulder Bag - $130
Sony Playstation 3 – $200

And that’s just the beginning! Search our flyers here and see what else you can find.


Friday, January 25, 2008

10 Ways to Spice up Your Real Estate Web Site

We know one of the most popular classified ad categories on our site is for real estate, and we thought we’d pass along some information to our friends and clients who are real estate agents. As much as we hope our flyers help you sell homes, we also understand the importance of having a user-friendly, top-notch Web site for your customers to view your listings.

RISMedia, the publisher of Real Estate Magazine, suggests that the must-have tool in today’s real estate sales business is a Web site that is full of useful information, but still stands out in an oversaturated market. Here are their 10 recommendations for creating a successful Web site:

1. Offer an exhaustive search capability.
2. Construct pre-defined searches.
3. Employ interactive mapping
4. Provide compelling and relevant visual content.
5. Make your site the local authority on community and lifestyle information.
6. Give your site’s visitors an Ivy League real estate education.
7. Offer nonintrusive lead-generation forms.
8. Use objective data and third-party testimonials.
9. Learn and implement Internet syndication.
10. Build a robust administrative/back-page area for your site.

View the original article here.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The famous quote, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is one that we have all heard so often that it has truly become a cliché. Attributed originally to Confucius, who lived over 2000 years ago, and used so often even today... well, we must give this proverb some attention, if for no other reason than for its resilience. But there is another reason to pay attention to this quote.

Why, we ask, has it remained so popular for all these years? Perhaps because it's true (duh)!

Now, when it comes to trying to articulate a deep thought or emotion, or trying to win a heated debate, or trying to convince someone of a viewpoint on something complex, such as politics or religion, I agree that words are very powerful and useful tools. However, when it comes to selling a house... well, let's just get to the point: Don't write a book in your advertisement or flyer!

Buyers have a lot to choose from these days and their options are abundant and very diverse. We live in a world where time is rarer and more sought after than gold, so we must maximize it at every turn if we are to be competitive. Buyers will grow impatient and frustrated if they have to read a novel to get the "feel" of a house. Or they may just ignore the text altogether, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of it, and let their eye flow straight to the pictures.

And of course, if you've overused precious space on a flyer with words, the pictures will most likely be undersized or too few to make an impact. Why not just show them what you want to tell them? Here are two examples of what I would call a "successful" flyer:

Now, before you get the wrong idea here, let's not forget that some words are necessary. Obviously, if you have an ad or flyer that has only pictures and no words, you will have left out essential information that a buyer may be looking for in their quest for a new property. The key word here is "essential" -- a short paragraph with the significant selling features of the property is ideal and can be oh so effective. Better still are bullet points with key details. Remember, a simple and organized flyer makes a world of difference when trying to attract the most amounts of buyers possible. In addition, keep in mind that space on ads is limited, so be sure to dedicate more of it to pictures than to words.