Monday, November 24, 2008

Optimize Your Flyers for SEO Greatness

One of the great features of using ClassifiedFlyerAds to advertise your listings is the potential SEO benefits. If done effectively, your flyer could end up on the first page of Google, just like most of our flyers do. Here are 3 simple (but very helpful) hints:

1. Title your flyer right - You may be tempted to title your flyer ad in a creative or enticing way, ie. "This Home is a Diamond in the Rough", or "Special on Car Parts" (depending on what you're selling, of course). However, this will not return quality results (traffic) from the search engines. Instead, be specific to what your flyer is advertising, for example, "Madison Tennessee Home" or "MagnaFlow GMC Diesel Exhaust". These are key words that will help your flyer rank well and bring in targeted, quality traffic.

2. Place relevant keywords in your description - When you write the description for your listing, be sure to use keywords that tie back to the title. Using relevant words and phrases that reinforce the subject of your title will show that your flyer has quality content, and thereby give it a better chance to rank well in search engines.

3. Order additional SEO services - If you just can't seem to get your flyer on the first page of Google, or don't have the time to optimize, let us lift you up! When you order our Page One Placement add-on, our team of professionals will optimize your flyer to rank well or your money back.

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