Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to Optimize Your Property Listing Pages

Are you gaining the full potential from your Web site's property listing pages? The chances of your property listing pages or property flyers showing up in search engines such as Google and Yahoo will increase greatly if you follow the simple guidelines below:

  1. Properly code your page meta title tag so it is specific to the location where your property is located. For example, if you are selling a condo in San Diego, CA, a good way to code your meta title tag would be "San Diego CA Condos For Sale". Always code your meta title tags on what you think a Web user will search for when looking for your type of property listing.
  2. Surround a title with h1 tags in your page. Make sure the h1 surrounded title is located at the top of your page and also contains search phrase-friendly words. For example "San Diego Condo For Sale" would be a good title tag in your page.
  3. Try to place some search-friendly phrases in your description such as "Lowest priced San Diego condo on the market"
  4. Use hyperlinks with the title coded on your hyperlink. ActiveRain allows you to do this when setting up links in posts. Search engines such as Google will follow hyperlinks and read the title you associated with the link.
  5. Don't add too much copy or too little. Too little copy will not give search engines enough text to index, and too much copy will be overwhelming and will make it hard for them to determine your key terms.
  6. A lot of Web site builders on the market today will give you the control of coding your title tags, h1 tags, etc. If your Web site builder allows you to do this, you should use it when adding all your pages and listings. If your Web site builder does not have this ability, you can use a service such as, which allows you to create single listing sites. This service also automatically optimizes the meta title tag based on your property's city and state.



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