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Myoden Injections (AMP) + Lipotropics (MIC) + Vit B12 & 6 All In 1 ml. injection for Weight Loss

Myoden also known as AMP, is a precursor to the energy carrier module ATP. Increasing ATP levels has been known to suppress appetite. It is a key component for proper fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Adenosine (AMP) is a naturally occurring substance in the body that increases energy at the cellular level and thus increases metabolism (burns off fat cells). It has been used in weight loss, memory loss, stress, chronic fatigue , muscle and joint pain.

MD tested & proven to be very effective!

  • MICA 126 (Lipo-Den) is our new combination product. It consists of Lipotropics (MIC) + Vit, B12 & 6 + Myoden, all in one shot at 1 ml./wk. These injections can also be administered twice a week for a very obese patient, those gaining weight, and also those stuc in a plateau. The success of this product depends on you and the program you wish to follow. If you wish to purchase a vial for self administration,please call or email me to see if you medically qualify. Available in 30 & 10 ml vials at a very reasonable cost. Syringes and needles included. For more information, contact me directly!
Joseph A Varallo,MD,LLC
Joseph Varallo, MD, FACOG
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