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Slideshow Widgets

Choose from two slideshow widget styles to display your eBay or product listings.


Vertical Slideshow Widget

This vertical style widget is perfect to place in the sidebar of your blog or website. With two speed settings and seven color choices, this little widget is a fun and creative way to remind your visitors about your products as they browse through your site. It continually scrolls through all of your eBay or product listings, displaying the title, price and picture of each item.

Additionally, the slideshow widget provides links back to your blog profile page and product listing flyers. This is a great way to increase traffic to your listings and profile, as well as provide your visitors with more information about your products. members can add these widgets to as many of their blog or web pages as they wish - for free!


Horizontal Slideshow Widget

The horizontal style of our slideshow widget does all the same cool stuff as the vertical one; 7 color choices, speed settings, and links back to your eBay and product listings. But this widget is specifically designed to be placed at the top or bottom of your blog or website, and transistions through your listings 3 items at a time.  Each item displays title, price, photo and links back to your full color flyer for the listing.


 Benefits of using our slideshow widgets

  • Provide your visitors with an appealing display of your listings.
  • Allows you to easily place your listings in your website pages, blogs and eBay store.
  • Really grabs the attention of visitors who are viewing your pages.
  • Allows you to easily get your listings displayed on other web pages without any manual effort or programming.
  • Keeps your products in front of visitors at all times.