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Online Job DirectoriesWhen you create a job ad on, it is automatically sent to dozens of job boards and online recruiting directories. This syndication process allows your job opening to reach thousands of job seekers who are searching these sites daily.

Businesses who use to list their job openings pay as little as $5.99 per job listing. Other job board titans cost hundreds of dollars per job posting, and are limited to reaching only the candidates that are searching that particular site. By allowing your job opening to be syndicated to several online career sites, you reach thousands of job seekers from all over the world and in your local area.

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Post Job Openings OnlineGet Your Job Posting Seen in Google

If getting your job opening on dozens of job boards isn't enough for you, then how about exposure on the first page of Google? This feature is included every time you create a job ad with

All job flyers are automatically optimized for seach engine placement and over 80% of all ads make it onto the first page of Google. You also have the option to purchase additional search engine optimization which will guarantee top placement for your job ad. 

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3 Simple Steps to Create and Post Your Job Opening Online

  1. Sign Up and fill in profile information.

  2. Choose a Pre-Designed Job Ad Template.

  3. Fill in Job Description and Information.

That's all it takes! Once you've finished creating your job ad, we do all the rest. That same day, your job opening will be posted to top online job sites, career boards, and search engines. You can track the success of your online job ad using our free tracking reports.

Best of luck in your recruitment efforts!

* allows a free trial, however, the full features discussed above are included with paid flyers only.

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