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How To Get Your eBay Listings Feed File

#1: Login to your eBay store.

First, go to your "My eBay" area.

Scroll down and click on the "Manage my store" link from the Shortcuts area.



#2: The "Manage My Store" area.

Click on the "Listing Distribution" tool.



#3: The "Listing Feeds" area.

First, click the bubble that says "Make a file of your Store Inventory listings available", and click the "Apply" box.
eBay will have a file of your listings available within 12 hours.


Once the file of your listings is available (after 12 hours), click on the link (pictured below) to obtain the feed. 
Copy the entire feed and paste it into your eBay bulk upload area.


View the Video Tutorial 

**You can also get detailed information from eBay on how to obtain the file of your store inventory.


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