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Post your listings to Active Rain, Localism, Outside Blogs, and anywhere else online!

Easily post real estate listings to Active Rain

Posting your ads to Active Rain, Localism, Blogger, or other narrow-width sites? No problem!

It's no secret that the more places your real estate listings appear online, the better. That's why we've made it easy to post to some of the most effective real estate networks online, such as Active Rain, Localism, your Outside Blogs, Craigslist, and more!

Our new Ultimate Ad Customizer allows subscribed members to choose from over 30 new layout, color, and width combinations, making it easy to fit your listings on any website or blog.

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Easily post your real estate ads to:

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Localism Localism
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Craigslist Craigslist

Post real estate listings to Active Rain

Increase real estate leads and salesActiveRain gets over 1 million unique visitors every month, making it a great place to get your listings seen in front of potential buyers. The ClassifiedFlyerAds team has been a part of this great community for over two years, and we feel it is important to provide effective tools to our members that will compliment their marketing efforts on the site.

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